2007 Honda Pilot Get Door Panel Off

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The Honda Pilot was released in 2003 as a crossover sport utility vehicle -- an SUV built upon an automobile chassis -- that was designed to be as versatile as it was easy to drive. The Pilot's chassis was based on a four-door platform, all of which housed power window controls and, in the case of the front doors, audio speakers. The doors' upholstered inner panels must be removed in order to replace or repair a damaged window, speaker of door latch. While the task can be performed using only common hand tools, an automobile-specific trim removal tool should be used to avoid damaging the door panels and scratching the doors' painted finish.

Tools Used[edit]

Flat-head screwdriver
Masking tape
Phillips-head screwdriver
Door latch rod bushing
Trim removal tool
Door panel clips

Door Panel Removal[edit]

  • Open the door completely. Lower the windows to their lowest position, if you are removing the rear door panels.
  • Wrap the tip of a small flat-head screwdriver with masking tape. Pull the inner door handle out to reveal a rectangular cover in the handle bezel. Pry the bottom of the cover out of the bezel with your wrapped screwdriver. Remove the screws attaching the bezel to the door frame, using a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Push the door handle bezel forward to free the hooks along the rear end of the bezel, then pull the top of assembly out of the door until it can be removed completely. Slide the door latch rod out from the catch on the back face of the door handle. Check the door latch rod bushing for wear or damage, such as cracks or whitening. Replace the bushing, if it is damaged in any way. Unplug the power door lock wiring harness, if equipped, and remove the inside door handle.
  • Slip a trim removal tool between the rear of the power window switch assembly and the arm rest. Pry the panel upward to release the mounting clip, then pull the panel out by hand to release the hooks at the sides and front of the panel. Unplug the electrical connectors from the bottom of the panel.
  • Remove the door panel screw located in the power window switch panel recess, as well as the screw from the bottom of the arm rest, using a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Slip a trim removal tool between the upper half of the triangular inner mirror mount cover, located at the front of the window at the base of the side mirror. Pry the cover's mounting clips out of the door frame, then slip the hooks at the bottom of the cover out of the frame.
  • Pry out the clips from the bottom and sides of the door panel, using a trim removal tool. Lift the panel upward until if can be removed completely from the door.
  • Push the door lock knob out from its recess at the upper-rear corner of the panel. Unplug the electrical sub-harness connector, if you are removing the driver's side door panel. Alternatively, unplug the courtesy light socket and pull it clip out of the door pane, if you are removing the passenger door panel. Set the door panel aside. The rear door panels do not have any additional wiring to remove or disconnect.

Door Panel Installation[edit]

  • Inspect the clips at the lower portion of the door panel for damage or wear. Replace any damaged clips.
  • Lift the door panel into place against the door frame. Reconnect the driver's side sub-harness or the passenger door courtesy light, if applicable. Hook the top of the door panel over the door frame and push the door lock knob into place. Push the clips firmly into the door frame until they snap into place.
  • Screw the door panel mounting screws into place under the arm rest and in the power window switch recess, using a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Hook the bottom of the mirror mount cover into the slots cut into the door frame. Push the cover's mounting clips into the door frame until they snap into place.
  • Connect the power window switch connectors into their respective locations under the power window switch panel. Slip the panel's forward hook into the panel recess in the arm rest. Push the rear of the panel down until the side-mounted hooks and the rear mounting clip snap into place.
  • Slip the door latch rod into the catch at the rear of the door handle bezel. Slip the bottom edge of the bezel into the door panel, then press firmly on the top of the bezel until it snaps into place. Pull the entire bezel toward the rear of the door until the mounting bolt holes in the bezel align with the holes in the door frame. Pull the door handle and screw the bezel screws into place, using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Push the rectangular cover over the screw heads.
  • Raise the windows completely, if needed. Close the door.