Mitsubishi 3000GT Replace Brake Line

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Improve the look of your Mitsubishi 3000GT by replacing the manufacturer's rubber brake lines with stainless steel ones. More durable brake lines have a more consistent feel when applying the brakes, and also help your brakes last longer.

Suggested Suppliers[edit]

B-Line Performance - Custom built Braided Stainless Steel Lines.

Tools Used[edit]

Replacement brake line kit
Brake fluid
Jack and jack stands
Tire iron
Line wrenches
Vinyl hose

Replace Brake Line[edit]

  • Lay out the entire replacement line kit for your 3000GT. Identify each piece of brake line so you know which end of the car it goes to.
  • Lift and support the car on jack stands to remove the wheel. Trace the brake line from the brake hose to where it connects with the main frame on the chassis.
  • Remove the brake line connected to the brake hose first. This requires two line wrenches, since there are two blots on each connector.
  • Install the replacement line, applying the bolts by hand and then tightening them with the wrenches. Attach it in reverse order, starting with the end away from the hose.
  • Remove air from the brake system. Open the bleeder valve on the caliper and attach a clear, vinyl hose to it. Have another person depress the brake pedal to purge the air.
  • Replace the wheel and proceed with the next one. Lower your 3000GT when all four brake lines are replaced.
  • Refill the master cylinder reservoir located near the strut tower on the driver's side.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Adding brake fluid and tightly sealing the reservoir cap before you begin reduces fluid lost during the process.